To run with ethanol fuel E85, easy to install yourself. Ethanol can be obtained from more than 100 ST1 RE85, Shell RE85 and ABC eko E85 stations. Do yourself an environmentally friendly act and make your car an flexfuel upgrade. And make your share on carbon footprint.

V4.2 Alk. 189, - V5.0 Alk. 239

FuelFlex Finland


Smart Fuel Control E85 V5.0

The new generation of digital E85 controller that makes it easy to convert your car to Environment friendly flexfuel vehicle. . The device ) automatically adjust in real time with Continental ethanol sensor while keeping the fuel ratio always optimal,thanks to innovative development the lowest Increase in consumption in the market. And of course best warranty 3 years to ensure quality. The External temperature sensor measures the engine temperature and always gives the correct amount of fuel to cold starts automatically.

  • Best warranty on the market 3 years
  • Best product support
  • More power and torque
  • Automatic cold starts
  • Easy to install plug and play
  • 3 years warranty

  • FlexFuel update
  • More power
  • More torque
  • Lower consumption increase
  • Automatic operation
  • Automatic cold start
  • Easy to install plug and play
  • Best product support
  • Best warranty 3 years
  • Order conveniently in online store

FuelFlex Finland ethanol conversion kit allows environment friendly driving in gasoline powered vehicles order your ethanol conversion kit today and convert your vehicle to FlexFuel.